Bog Three Day Event Schedule

The name says it all. Our Annual Bog Three Day event is a weekend packed with fun activities! Here is this year’s schedule of events:


5:00pm Troll and Thrown Weapons Range Opens

7:00pm Heavy Weapons Prize Tourney Sponsored by Talbot’s Keep

Dark:30 Thrown Weapons Night Hawk Novelty Tournament


8:00am Troll and Breakfast Sideboard Opens

9:30am First Court

10:00am Fencing and Heavy Lists Open for Inspections/Authorizations/Pickups

10:30am Thrown Weapons and Archery Ranges Open

10:30am Fencing Round Robin Tournament Starts

11:00am Kingdom Heavy Weapons Championship

11:30am Intro to Thrown Weapons Class

12:00pm Lunch Sideboard Opens

12:30pm Midday Court

1:00pm Fencing Jailbreak Team Tournament and Thrown Weapons Tournament Begins

1:15pm IRONSCRIBE Begins in Illumination Stadium

1:30pm Youth Fighting List Opens

2:00pm AE500 Begins

2:30pm Pre-Pennsic Roundtable

3:00pm Intro to Thrown Weapons Class

4:30pm All marshal activities close & IRONSCRIBE ends

5:00pm Evening Court

Feast to Follow Court

Dancing to follow Feast


8:00am Breakfast

12:00pm Event Ends & Campground/Hall Close

12:30pm Heavy Weapons Muster Begins

6:00pm Site Closes

Bog Three Day Event

Please join the Barony of St. Swithin’s Bog as we come together to prepare for War at this year’s Pennsic Pre-Game Three Day event.

Have too much to do to get ready for War? Bring it with you to the event! Test out a new set-up for your tent, join a sewing circle to figure out how to set that pesky sleeve. Do those last minute armor fixes or authorizations. Get in the mood to party with a Pennsic Pregame Party! Don’t sit at home and procrastinate, join in the fun!

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