From the Baron and Baroness

Greetings St Swithin’s Bog!

Thank you for trusting us to serve and represent this barony. You are amazing people and we are thrilled to work beside you.

If you are new to the area or to our hobby, please get in touch with our Chatelaine and our group on Facebook, and find the next practice or event to get started. To those that have been around a while, help that new person learn a skill, show them where they can help, and include them in the fun.

We thank everyone who serves and attends Twelfth Night every January, Three Day every July, Baronial Championships every Autumn. Everyone who hosts and attends the practices, meetings, demos, and more in between. Also you who teach, create, and curate behind the scenes. You make this happen.

We also attend events around Aethelmearc and the Knowne World, and love doing so together in unity. Traveling as a group, events away are easier and more fun, and it makes us all look impressive whether we are fighting or serving side by side. We’ll announce and coordinate every time so we can make that happen with as many of us as are available.

We take pride in our champions. Our champions in armored combat, rapier, thrown weapons, archery, arts and sciences, and bardic arts compete annually at the Seven Pearls event to represent the barony against all others in the Kingdom of Aethelmearc. Our champions are to make every effort to attend baronial courts and process in with us in the regalia of their office. Baronial champions are welcome to compete and serve as kingdom champions as well, and should they win that honor that position supersedes their baronial duties.

We need certified marshals to see that our activities continue. If you participate in any martial activity (including the target sports) please consider becoming a marshal. Every practice and event needs at least one, and they help to ensure the safety and correct conduct of all participants.

It’s our honor to celebrate our populace with well deserved recognition, and with the artwork of our exceptional scribes. But we alone can’t see everything at once. You could always tell us in person or send a message. Now our webministers have crafted a new award recommendation form on the website to let us know the outstanding deeds of those around you, so please make use of it! As always use the Aethelmearc one as well to let Their Majesties know whom they can recognize with Kingdom awards, and spread the word so we can all lend our voices behind those requests.

We welcome anyone to come to us to discuss your ideas, questions, or concerns. We’re proud of you all and intend to represent you well for the next four years.

Yours in Service,

Jean Philippe and Caterine