Metal Flingers Fall Frolic September 26, 2015


Summer is almost over. The days are getting shorter and the leaves are starting to fall. This can only mean one thing, last chance to fling before the ranges get covered with snow and ice. The annual Metal Flingers Fall Frolic potluck picnic, Throw Weapons and Archery Practice will be held on September 26. We will start around 2pm and go till whenever. The grill will be available for porch meat cooking. Please use the Bog Facebook page to let us know what delicious foods you may be bringing. The place is at Kenn & Katya’s house, contact us for directions if you haven’t been there before. This is the last practice before our Baronial Champs on October 3rd, so will be a good chance to sharpen your skills. As always, everyone is welcome to attend even if you aren’t a regular at practice.