From the Baron and Baroness

Greetings to the populace of St. Swithin’s Bog:

Rosheen and I are very excited to be representing you for the next four years, and we are amazed at the support you have already given us.

We hope that during this time, we can lead the Barony into a period of growth as well as expand upon our existing strengths.

We feel strongly that newcomers are a wonderful source of energy and wellspring of new ideas.  We would task all of the members of St. Swithin’s Bog to look for potential new members and to encourage those on the fringes to take steps toward being our future. We would urge the Peers of our Barony to take on students and we ask the populace to mentor a newcomer; teach them how to autocrat, how to feastocrat, hold an office, or teach them your crafts.

Long time members and newcomers to the Barony are welcomed to make your questions or concerns know.

Be watchful for those among the populace that are worthy of awards and make us aware of their deeds.

Rosheen and I place no restrictions on Baronial Champions to participate in Kingdom level Champions tournaments, and we encourage Baronial Champions to seek renown by competing in tournaments throughout the Kingdom. Those that compete to become Baronial Champions should be aware that we expect them to make every effort to attend the 7 Pearls annual event as well as attend Baronial court (unless they are a Kingdom Champion) in order to fulfill their obligation to represent the Barony.

We have high expectations of ourselves for the next 4 years, and we look forward to the populace of St. Swithin’s Bog continuing to be a shining pearl in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc!

In Service,
Gunther and Rosheen