Metal Flinger Spring Meeting

Meeting Minutes from Metal Flingers Meeting 3-11-2016

The main topic on the agenda was the schedule for practices for Thrown Weapons and Archery for the new season. Katya, because of ongoing health related issues, has asked that we limit practices at our house to twice a month. Fortuitously, Gunther and Rosheen have already come up with a schedule for Throw Weapons practices at their range. Also this season, I would like to designate the second practice of the month as archery practice. The TW range will still be open for business but I will be on the archery range working on training my MIT (Lady Elizabeth) and getting Royal Rounds in. I will post the schedule separately.

Other issues were that we need some new butts for TW. The ones from last year are wearing out and a bit moldy. We are looking for softwood (pine or poplar) rounds at least 18” to 22” in diameter, no more than 6” thick. I will also be checking out our archery mats to see how many are still useable. The one from last season is pretty much shot out in the center (good shooting everyone!). It appears from checking on their website that Saunders Archery is no longer making the woven buffalo grass target matts that we have been using for over 15 years. When I get confirmation from them, I will start looking for an affordable, alternative, replacement matt.

Rosheen has also requested that we hold a Thrown Weapons and/or Archery tournament at a practice each month. This will help get our champions ready for the Pearls Competiton in August. So marshals, get your thinking caps on and come up with some challenging ideas.

We will have a busy summer for Archery & TW this year with the new Seven Pearls Tourneys added to our usual 3-day Event. Hope the Fingers that go to Pennsic get a chance to participate in the War Points.

I think that covers everything. Let me know if there is anything I forgot to mention.

THL Kenn the Just

TW & Archery Marshal, BBSB