Lodovick of Grays Inn

Master of the Pelican2014-08-05
Master of Defense2016-07-16
Companion of the White Scarf2004-01-17
Companion of the Millrind2006-10-14
Companion of the Golden Alce2000-07-22
Companion of the Keystone2001-07-21
Award of Arms1998-07-18
Sigil of Æthelmearc2005-04-22
Golden Escarbuncle2018-03-15
Companion of St Swithin’s for Service2000-01-22St Swithin’s Bog
Companion of St Swithin’s for
Martial Activities
2000-07-22St Swithin’s Bog
Companion of the Comet Vert2003-07-12Debatable Lands
Companion of the Special Order of
St Swithin’s
2009-01-17St Swithin’s Bog